We’re WOSB certified! Capital Communications was recently certified by the Small Business Administration, through an approved third-party certifier, as a Woman-Owned Small Business. The process is rigorous, but the potential rewards make it worthwhile. So, what is WOSB and what does it mean to be certified?

In February 2011, the federal government, through the Small Business Administration, expanded the Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) category to encourage development and growth of woman-owned small businesses in underrepresented business areas. Since then, the ruling has been updated with additional NAICS (codes that reflect the type of business – in our case, public relations). The ruling further established goals for federal government agencies to award at least 5 percent of their contracts to certified woman-owned small businesses.

What does it mean for us? It means that we now have the opportunity to bid on contracts that are identified for this category (WOSB), which limits the bidders who can respond, and thus allowing businesses like us to compete with businesses like ours in size and focus. In a way, it helps to narrow the playing field.

Of course, we understand that having the certification is only the first step. It is now incumbent upon us to take the next steps to inform, seek out, and use our business acumen to target opportunities where we have the best probability to win. We now have a unique qualifier to help us win additional contracts.

Being a small business offers some great capability to both government and larger business entities. Our team works diligently to bring creativity and innovation to each of our projects. In doing so, we focus on our customers and the objectives of our individual and collective projects. As we expand our search for new business, we will remain loyal to our current clients and projects, because we know that our experience, reputation and connections are what makes us unique. As we grow, we want our clients and potential clients to remember that about us. You can always count on the Capital Communications team!

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