In January, leaders from our community attended the public unveiling of Orlando’s new brand: Orlando – you don’t know the half of it. The new brand brilliantly introduces the world to the thriving and compelling environments of high tech business and quality of life in the Region.

Capital CommunicationsFrom its vast farming and agricultural segments to its focus on space exploration, digital media, technology and entrepreneurship, as well as quality of life perks such as parks, bicycle trails and historic sites, Orlando has it all. The new brand campaign showcases these nuggets and more, and the leaders have enlisted the community – all of us — in speaking the brand and sharing the good news about Greater Orlando.

I thought about the efforts of Orlando’s branding team – the process and the outcomes, and what good branding does for an organization or community. I grew up on a farm and although we didn’t brand the cattle on our tiny farm, we knew exactly what it meant to “brand” the herd – probably from the western TV shows that my Dad loved to watch. The cowboys would ride into the herd, lasso the young cattle, and press the hot iron into its flesh, leaving their indelible mark of identification. This “mark” ensured positive identification in case the cattle roamed onto an adjoining ranch, or became prey to a nefarious rustler. For the rest of its life, the branded cattle would carry that mark.

Thankfully, business and organizational branding is not so physically painful. Admittedly, the actions related to creating your brand can be challenging, and sometimes even a painful process. However, the act of incorporating a name or phrase that clearly and passionately identifies your organization and subsequently “wearing” and relating to that name, is quite an accomplishment.

Just as the Orlando branding team did, organizations who are initiating a branding effort will probably want to reach out to some experts for a little help. Here are a few other things to consider when you begin the process:

  • Consider what your organization is – what it is known for – and whether your current brand accurately represents your organization
    • Do you just need a facelift, or do you require a comprehensive overhaul?
    • Does your current branding communicate your mission to your customers and potential customers?
  • Determine who within your organization should be chosen to work with the branding team as you define and develop your brand
    • A smaller, focused team can often get better results and do so in a more efficient manner. Generally speaking, a larger team increases the time it takes to design your brand and decreases the probability that you will design the most effective brand.
  • Bring in outside help, experts in branding, marketing and communications strategy. It is most important, however, for the branding team to work with key leaders and your internal communications team to craft a brand that serves you well for several years.

Capital Communications & Consulting is happy to partner with Orlando in distributing the “Orlando – you don’t know the half of it” brand. Our brand is about making a difference in our community, and as a local public relations, marketing and communications firm, we are proud to be a part of this region and especially proud to be “part of the other half.”

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