One of my favorite times with my grandson, William, is when I am driving him to school each morning. We discuss a wide range of topics. On this particular day, William began to tell me about a fine arts competition that he participated in with his church the previous weekend.

“Grandma, one of our competitors won 3rd place in the sermon competition,” he said.

 “That’s wonderful,” I remarked.

He continued, “But, Grandma, she just read the sermon. She should have told a relevant story that demonstrated the point in order to draw in the audience.”

I thought it was interesting how he had grasped one of the secrets to successful communications at such a young age.

Too often business-savvy individuals totally miss that point  – connecting with our audience.  That is often the difference in delivering a memorable message that resonates with the audience, and one that is quickly forgotten.

Regardless of tools and techniques that he will learn along his journey into adulthood, perhaps William has already learned one of the key secrets of effective communications.